Revenue Generation Talent

We find and secure high impact talent for revenue roles across Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and RevOps.

Roles we secure
Chief Revenue Officer
CSO – Chief Sales Officer
  • Sales Director
  • National Sales Manager
  • State Sales Manager
  • Field Sales Manager
  • Mid Market
  • Sales Manager
  • Enterprise Sales Manager
  • Government Sales Manager
  • Channel Sales Manager
  • New Business Sales Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Sales Executive
  • Account Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales Consultant
  • Major Account Manager
  • National Account Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Sales Representative
  • Territory / Area Manager
CMO – Chief Marketing Officer
  • Head of Marketing
  • Director of Product Marketing
  • Director of Demand Generation
  • Marketing Operations Manager
  • Channel Marketing Director
  • Director Brand Marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing Director
  • Content marketing specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Marketing Consultant
CCO – Chief Customer Officer
  • Manager of Customer Success
  • Head of Customer Success
  • Customer Success Lead
  • Client Success Manager

  • Customer Success Executive
  • Customer Success Consultant
  • Key Customer Success Manager
Head of RevOps
  • Sales Enablement Manager
  • Sales Data Analyst
  • Marketing Data Analyst
  • Customer Success Analyst
  • Systems Manager
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121 Group

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The 5% Method

A targeted search methodology designed to cut-through to the top 5% of talent across sales, marketing, customer success and revenue operations.


Proven, metrics based approach. We deliver higher quality talent than traditional recruiters in set time frames.

Cut-Through Content

We create engaging digital assets proven to resonate with talent across sales, marketing, customer success and revenue operations.

Specialist Model

Our non-traditional team structure is optimised to secure high impact, revenue critical talent 

The 5% Method was first class. It provided us with clarity and confidence, and led to a good result. We were very satisfied.”
Nick Cuthbertson
Chief Executive Officer, Clintel

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B2B Leaders
We secure
best-in-market B2B talent focused on
revenue generation

We secure high impact talent for revenue roles with experience operating in large cross functional, multi-region revenue teams. At this level, a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is crucial to aligning teams and overall revenue performance.

Small-Medium Business

We secure hands on talent who can lead / operate in smaller teams effectively through to senior talent capable of building more complex teams. Typically we target closely related industry experience to ensure fast ramp up.


We secure revenue generation talent who understand how to operate in a startup environment, who are capable of building teams from scratch and understand how to design the right model early on to support future growth.

Engage leadership talent with the right sales leader profile to match your current and future needs.
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Of our projects are repeat clients
as they know The 5% Method works

We helped an iconic US brand launch a new division in Australia by recruiting the national field sales team within 3 months.

Thomas Rugg
Senior Vice President - Global Sales and Marketing
Briggs & Stratton
ReillyScott’s combination of specialised consulting and targeted head hunt campaigns exceeded our expectations.
The specialised campaigns resulted in Briggs & Stratton securing higher calibre sales talent than we have been able to historically using more traditional recruitment companies.
Elliot Minervini
National Field Sales Manager - Safety & Industrial
Mayo Hardware
What attracted us to ReillyScott was the unorthodox, headhunt approach that secured high quality candidates.
Mayo Hardware is a third generation business and market leader of outdoor lifestyle, safety, security and hardware products. We previously used another recruiter that was generic with a traditional approach churning out a shortlist and doing the pre-screening, but not getting the best results. Good staff are staying put and employers are doing what they can to hold on to staff, so attracting new people isn’t easy. Yet, ReillyScott did a great job of defining and promoting us; combined with asking the right questions and benchmarks to deliver talent of very high standard. As a result, we’re very happy with our BD Managers.
Sarah Homsi
Human Resources Manager
Elastomers Australia
Reilly Scott was very professional and thorough in their processes and communication, which made them stand out from other agencies.
We walked in with one position and walked out with two great candidates. Most of the people presented could bring some form value to our business, but we had a couple that fit the bill extremely well. There were critical factors that determined if someone was the right fit, including culturally. And specific technical background with proven experience and achievements with sales and hunting new clients. Both of which Reilly Scott did a fantastic job in not only understanding our sales recruitment needs but they presented a number of candidates who were really suited to our business.
Mervyn Kark
Managing Director
MKM Capital
The service, national reach and quality of candidates secured for the different roles was prompt and thorough.
There was an excellent selection of high calibre candidates – allowing us to make an informed choice. As a result, we doubled our sales team and to date, we’re getting good traction in the states of SA and WA where we now have a presence.
Michael Hatcher
Wine Operations Manager
Bunnamagoo Wines
I was impressed with the high calibre of candidates that were presented to us. Different from other agencies, I felt the focus was firmly on us and our needs.
I felt there was always a clear alignment between ReillyScott and Bunnamagoo in recruiting the right people for the specific roles. ReillyScott’s approach was pragmatic, flexible and very responsive; and their service and communication was thorough and collaborative, without involving unnecessary or time demanding steps in the process.
Toby Duckworth
Founding Partner of 121 Group
121 Group
The 5% Method clearly works well because we got a great result and we’re really happy.
We’ve worked with about 12 recruiters in various locations around the world. I would put ReillyScott in the top two. All of the candidates we interviewed were great; they all had relevant experience and we could have hired any one of them. We exclusively partnered with ReillyScott for a BDM role and felt we were in safe hands. We could sit back and know the job was being done. We didn’t have to chase up like we’d need to do normally with other recruiters – we knew exactly where we were every step of the way. ReillyScott was very efficient, understood our requirements and clearly knew the market well.
Evan Wong
The 5% method gave me comfort that the process was rigorous, focused and robust; we knew that the entire market had been covered.
As a multi award-winning, enterprise software company, we needed an immediate yet long-term solution. The word partner is loosely used in business but that’s exactly what ReillyScott was. ReillyScott was very strategic and helped us problem solve what was actually needed long-term and thoroughly secured the right solution, rather than just simply filling the roles. The quality of candidates presented was higher than any other recruiter we’ve worked with before, or that we would have got if we did the recruiting in-house.
Owen Neochi
Chief Operating Officer
ReillyScott’s a different standard compared to other recruiters in terms of understanding our business and their level of expertise of sales roles.
We provide industry-leading driver safety monitoring systems so we’re a unique business and ReillyScott got that. The candidates shortlisted were bang on for what we expected, both with the right backgrounds and culturally, a perfect fit. The 5% Method was very time effective and a process that was by far much better. We knew we needed someone specialised and ReillyScott understood that and picked the right people.
Matthew Kitchin
Managing Director
Capital Design Works
ReillyScott being specialists in sales recruitment ensured we got a good result.
We produce and install quality joinery and furniture for the gaming industry and needed to fill a specialised sales and marketing manager role. ReillyScott understood our recruitment needs and went the extra mile to ensure we found the right person.
Karl Graf
Director and Mobile App Strategist
DreamWalk Apps
The candidates shortlisted were of a very high calibre.
It was difficult to decide who to offer the role to as there were a number of strong candidates that would have been a good fit. We work with a variety of recruiters and I often feel that the fees are too high for the value that we receive. My experience with ReillyScott was completely different. They delivered an enormous amount of value – from sourcing a huge list of candidates, screening and interviewing them on our behalf, and managing the interview, offer and acceptance process. They even prepared questions for us to ask at the interviews. Everything was made so easy.

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