Search methodology

The 5%

Search methodology

The 5%

Search methodology

The 5%

What is The 5% Method™

A targeted search methodology designed to cut through to the top 5% of talent across sales, marketing, customer success and revenue operations.

The Benefits
Cut-Through Content

Top revenue critical hires are highly sought after and will often receive a number of approaches at any given time.

Our digital pitch cuts through the noise, provides compelling information and a level of personalisation that engages passive candidates.

Recent stats show that our engagement rate is significantly higher than the industry standard.


Our proven, metrics based approach provides far more predictability than traditional recruiters on quality of talent and delivery timeframes.

We consistently deliver high calibre shortlists for revenue generation roles. We target talent who are currently performing and we employ a specific, qualification process to ensure quality.

Whether you need to secure a high impact leader or build an entire team, your ability to plan ahead is dependent on timing. Unlike traditional providers, the predictability of our process allows us to work to defined timeframes.

Regarding The 5% Method and its effectiveness, the proof is in the pudding.
ReillyScott’s ability to be able to secure passive candidates who are very well suited proves the approach works."
Paula Coates
Human Resources Manager ANZ & South East Asia
Briggs & Stratton
Specialist Model

Traditional recruitment providers tend to have one consultant doing everything, which we believe rarely delivers results.

We leverage the experience and expertise of four specialists per project, each playing a different role to deliver high quality outcomes.

Our team structure is non-traditional and was designed to ensure we secure top revenue focused talent for B2B companies.

Recruitment Methods
vs The 5% Method™
The 5% Method™ works.
Here’s what our clients have to say
Owen Neochi
Chief Operating Officer
The 5% Method was very time effective and a process that was, by far, much better.
Toby Duckworth
Founding Partner
121 Group
The 5% Method clearly works well, we got a great result.
Bruce Hammond
Managing Director
Coast Distributors
The 5% Method was a great benefit to us, we knew the candidates put forward were backed up by thorough research and a process that works.
Nick Cuthbertson
Chref Executive Officer
The 5% Method was first class. It provided us with clarity and confidence.
Evan Wong
The 5% Method gave me comfort that the process was rigorous, focused and robust; we knew that the market had been covered.

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