Shifting to a Proactive
Sales Model

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Truly proactive B2B sales organisations are in the minority. This creates a significant opportunity for those that get it right, regardless of size.

Many sub-200 headcount, B2B companies think they’re more proactive than they are.  Employing outbound hunters or office-based lead generation teams are good initiatives but, on their own, only get you so far.

It takes the right combination of systems, processes and people to drive predictable sales growth.

In a well-run, proactive sales organisation:

  • The sales team is aligned, clear on their roles and motivated to meet and exceed sales targets
  • There’s clear direction and positive energy
  • Sales revenues and forecasting are far more predictable
  • Top sales talent is more easily attracted and retained
  • Business is fun.

This diagram will assist you in identifying where your business currently sits on the reactive to proactive scale and provides clarity regarding the benefits a proactive sales model delivers.

Understanding the positive impacts including more predictable revenue/ profit growth is an important step in building the confidence required to make the shift.

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