What makes a high performing sales person?

What makes a high performing sales person? We put this question to Greg Gladman of Sales & Leadership Performance (SLP).

Using performance data collected on successful sales people and using over 2.1 million data points from across the globe, SLP are certainly well placed to share their insights on what makes a sales person successful.  

“…One of the key things that we find is mindset”. 

“That desire to be a high performing sales person, the commitment to do the tough things, taking responsibility for their results or lack of; really being able to have a mixture of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and being someone that’s open to being coached and supported,” Greg explains. 

And if we look at what we call an elite sales person, which Greg says is the top 6% of the 2.1 million people they’ve assessed, “there’s not one person that’s in that top 6% – or that elite range – that doesn’t have a high, a high performing mindset”. 

“So that’s pretty revealing data to be aware of. If you’ve got the mindset right, we find that’s 80% of success in sales,” he adds.