Teams with Dedicated Sales Enablement have Higher Win Rates

Proactive sales organisations have the content and systems in place to stay ahead of the competition and close more business.

As detailed in CSO Insights’ most recent Sales Enablement Study, sales teams with dedicated sales enablement in place achieve significantly higher win rates and quota achievement.

And though it’s a function more common in Enterprise (currently in 77.1% of businesses with 500+ sales reps, vs 39.3% with 25 or fewer), the results are the same.

Content, content, content

Still largely undefined and multi-faceted, the purpose of sales enablement is to close more and quicker deals – done by closely aligning sales processes to customer journeys and ensuring sales reps have access to the right tools and targeted content, at the right time, to win business.

For sub-200 headcount businesses, content management is key.

As a recent Forbes article explains, “Once you can organize content in a way that’s meaningful to a buyer at the stage of the lifecycle they’re in—and that your sales reps can access when they need— you can scale your results.”

Marketing + Sales Alliance

Though gathering the real-time data needed to advance business can involve many teams, the most important alliance is between marketing and sales. 

Proactive companies ensure both teams share common goals, work closely together and that marketing provides the assets sales reps need to educate every stakeholder involved at each stage of the buying process (i.e. content tailored to the CFO, CMO, MD, etc.). 

Key Sales Enablement Assets

As explained in a recent HubSpot Sales Enablement Guide, at a minimum, there are five key assets a business should create to support sales teams:

  • Product / Service One-Pagers
  • Case Studies + Testimonials
  • Phone Scripts + Email Templates
  • Reports / Whitepapers; and
  • Competitor Analysis

The best sales organisations also empower customer service and tech teams with assets to drive further client engagement post-sale.

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